A must for fight fans! ‘Blessed With Venom’ is the story of a great Australian athlete. Although John Wayne Parr is 8 times World Champion in Muay Thai kick-boxing, the modest, good looking man is not as well known as he deserves. This entertaining documentary will fix that. Actual fight footage is used, from early contests to recent ones – some he wins, some he loses. As the fight scenes show, this form of martial arts is only for the toughest!

I expected to enjoy the fights, but found the whole story engrossing and instructive as he tells how he developed to ‘best in the world’. JWP has the speed and power of Bruce Lee, more charm than Steven Segal, and more presence and fight skills than Van Damme. Don’t be surprised to see JWP in movies before long.

Recommended to everyone who enjoys a good story and world class sport!

Geoff Lambert
Author – ‘The Morozov Inheritance’
a different crime thriller.

This was a fantastic documentary of the journey of one of and still the best martial artist in the world… John Wayne Parr… a must see. It really shows what dedication, discipline and a burning desire to succeed will get you in life.

I was a little bit skeptical but honestly… John is awesome and movie is fantastic! I am also thinking of combining the movie with a present from www.goldenweddinggifts.com – my wife loves fight sports and jewelry – it will be the perfect combination! Thanks John Wayne Parr!

Mate I took a few mates to see your Doco last night… Brother you know that I have always thought you where the MAN and watching that last night was unbelievable you are without doubt my hero Wayne. Was very proud to say yeah that’s my good mate there haha.. All my mates loved it too.. Everyone go and see Blessed With Venom, a must see.

That was awesome… I always thought that I appreciated John Wayne Parr’s accomplishments but after seein’ that I got a better appreciation on the magnitude of those accomplishments… hopefully the rest of Australia gets out and checks it out too so more people can realise that we’ve a genuine Muay Thai icon in our midst..